Director's Desk

Dr. S. N. Geetha

Director, CDE, Anna University, Chennai - 600025

Dr. S. N. Geetha

Centre for Distance Education
Anna University
Chennai 600025

Director's Message

Hello and Welcome to Centre for Distance Education, Anna University, Chennai

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the Online MBA Program from the Online cell of the Centre for Distance Education, Anna University, Chennai.

Since its inception, the Centre for Distance Education, Anna University has taken up the great mission of delivering technical and management education for freshers, employed, entrepreneurs etc. from the urban and rural areas. Over 20000+ students have acquired their management degree from CDE and are well placed in corporates and MNCs.

Currently, business firms increasingly use Business Analytics to systematically process and analyze past business data to gain new insights for strategic decision-making. With the advent of cloud technology and the availability of internet bandwidth, the online cell of the Centre for Distance Education is launching an online MBA program with specialization in Business Analytics. This online programme equips professionals with technical knowledge in data handling and employs statistical methods to develop predictive data-driven business models. The curriculum will prepare learners for successful careers in an increasingly competitive corporate world by emphasizing emerging technology and digital strategy to upskill their managerial capabilities. It will also cater to business needs in times of uncertainty, to capitalize prospective business opportunities. The programme has been tailored to suit the International business requirements with the intention of offering this comprehensive programme to International learners too.

This 24-month online program designed in the  UGC complaint FOUR QUADRANT MODEL is inclusive of more than 1500 Video Lectures delivered exclusively by the domain experts of Anna University and  eminent experts from other higher educational institutions. It offers Live Sessions through Video Conferencing, Color Flip Books for quick learning, Audio Books, Proctored Online assessments, Multi-thread Discussion Forums, Virtual labs and Simulated IDEs, and other resources and tools to enhance the learning process. The user-friendly discussion forum enables the learners to connect with experts, peer groups and provide a holistic learning experience.

If you want to upskill and recharge your career with MBA from Anna University, here is a  great opportunity

So, I welcome all the students and working professionals  from India and abroad to make use of this excellent opportunity.

Come, enroll today.

Happy Learning!

Director, CDE

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